Bookkeeping software – The mind boggles!

So you are at the point now where your business needs a computerised bookkeepping package, but where to start and what to choose?


We are increasingly finding that our clients are needing this more than ever now, and its all good! Although it seems like just another time consuming hassle, it means their business is growing!


However, when it comes to chosing the right software, where would you even start?


It is important you chose the right software for your buisness, which may not be the same as what your neighbour or friend is using! Every business has it’s own unique set of requirements.

The wrong software will leave you frustrated and feeling bombarded because it will either be too simple and not provide the exact information that you and your business needs, or be too complicated and not only cost a lot but will leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed!

We can help!


We have been able to advise numerous businesses on their software needs, simply because we understand their business and know what they need to expect out of their software.


A few helpful points we have come across are as follows:


1. Only  a Few Transactions a Month?


If your business only has a few transactions a month, then you may not need bookkeeping software at all.

  • You will be able to get by using Excel, or even a paper filing system, and simply hand over the papers to your accountant when he needs them.
  • Make sure you have a separate bank account. These are generally the first thing we ask for and it helps if your business account is seperate from your personal account. This saves alot of time and makes the process of bookkeeping simpler.


2. Requiring regular Management Accounts?


If you require a regular set of Management Accounts then you will most certainly need bookkeeping software.

You should be looking at bookkeeping software that has purchase ledgers, sales ledgers, bank reconcilliation functions and is able to pull out reports such as Creditors and Debtors reports and provide  you with an easily understandable Profit and Loss Account and balance sheet.


3. Only Statutory Requriements


If you just want to fulfil your obligations to file returns  and produce annual accounts then keep it simple.

There are many packages out there that can be user friendly and help you submmit these necessary returns. They can also be easily adapted to pull out more reports if you decide you do need them.


4. Another alternative is to let us do it for you.


  • We have a broad range of skills and are well experienced in doing this
  •  We already have the software thus saving you that hassle and cost
  • We are used to the routine of bookkeeping saving you the hassle of finding the time to actually sit down and do it, letting you concentrate on your customers and your business
  • With  internet and email, information can pass efficiently and timely


Whatever your bookkeeping requirements why not contact us to discuss what is best suited to you and your business.


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